It took over a year to get it done, but the California Democratic Party granted a charter to the Brownie Mary Democrats of California at the Executive Board meeting last August! Only five Democratic statewide organizations have received charters. 

Brownie Mary Democrats of California joins this elite group - allowing an expanded statewide reach to benefit and advance mutual goals alongside the existing local county chartered Brownie Mary County clubs - Riverside, Los Angles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Alameda, and San Bernardino. 

Working synergistically with the local county clubs, the Brownie Mary statewide organization will continue to actively help communities across California to end marijuana prohibition and the failed Drug War.  We will continue to throw our newly combined weight behind a rational marijuana legalization initiative for 2016, and continue to help educate and elect cannabis friendly Democratic candidates.

Now that we have our charter, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get things done.

The new state chartered BMDC is open to all California Democrats - we invite you to join us as charter member of the Brownie Mary Democrats of California. As a member you will receive periodic updates on the progress towards ending marijuana prohibition. Membership in the statewide organization allows you to attend two physical meetings each year held at the Democratic Statewide Convention and the Executive Board meeting.  In between there will be monthly strategy teleconferences as needed.


BMDC will work to:

  • get CaDEM and elected Democratic officials on the state and local level to actively support the marijuana legalization initiative that will be on the November 2106 ballot
  • coordinate actions to develop support amongst California state legislators for medical marijuana patients ability to access medicinal marijuana
  • work with Democratic officials to enact enabling legislation that will enhance and not hinder the implementation of whatever marijuana legalization initiative is enacted by California voters.
  • Work with the California Democratic congressional delegation to support enacting federal legislation to support the ability of states to legalize and regulate marijuana
  • Introduce a plank in the national Democratic Party platform similar to the legalization plank in CaDEM Party which calls on Democrats “to support the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana in a manner similar to tobacco and alcohol.”


Standard memberships in the Brownie Mary Democrats of California are only $10, seniors, veterans and students are only $5 and for those whose finances are tight can join for free. To join click on the JOIN tab at the top of this page.

Please help show the Democratic Party how important ending marijuana prohibition is by joining the Brownie Mary Democrats today.

Thank you for your interest and participation with the Brownie Mary Democrats of California. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me anytime at 760-799-2055 or send an email to lanny@browniemaryclub.org.



Lanny Swerdlow, RN LNC

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