Will Brownie Mary Be Kicked Out of the Democratic Party?

kicked_out-page-001.jpgDon't Let Brownie Mary Get Kicked Out of the Democratic Party

It's time for the annual rechartering of the Brownie Mary Democrats by CaDEM. We need to have at least 30 paid members to be re-chartered and right now we only have 23. We desperately need new members so we are sending you this heartfelt request to become a member of the Brownie Mary Democrats. Memberships are only $10 and if you are senior citizen, veteran, student and/or low income, it is only $5. You can keep Brownie Mary in CaDEM by joining BMD - just CLICK HERE.

As an official organization within the California Democratic Party, BMD is in a key position to meet with Democratic officials on the state and local level to makecannabis_lounge_crop.jpg Prop. 64 work as it is supposed to work and most importantly to get local governments to enact reasonable and rational regulations to allow cannabis businesses to operate as well as allow cannabis social clubs to open. 

join_click-page-001.jpgKeep Brownie Mary Democrats as an active participant in the California Democratic Party by becoming a member of BMD. If you have family members, friends or casual acquaintances who are Democrats, ask them to join as well. For what we can do to make cannabis safely, reliably, locally and affordably accessible, memberships are a bargain at just $10 and only $5 for seniors, veterans, students and low income. To become a member or for others to join, CLICK HERE.

If you are already a paid member for 2021, thank you for your support. If not, please consider becoming amember now.Your support would be gratefully and sincerely appreciated.


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