CaDEM supports cannabis lounges & mj message to Biden


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The COVID19 pandemic has brought profound changes in our lives on so many levels. From concerns about becoming infected to the severe economic consequences that are affecting hundreds of millions, this virus has upended the world.

Fortunately, we have cannabis to help us mitigate the negative consequences of the stress and anxiety created by having to deal with the repercussions of living through the pandemic. Most amazing is that our use of cannabis might actually help reduce the likelihood of our becoming infected as well as helping fight off the infection if we do become infected.

mj_covid-page-001-1.jpgResearch shows that cannabis could reduce excessive cytokine production. Normally cytokines help to fight inflammation but if too much is released in fighting COVID19, it results in a cytokine storm that can produce a high fever, inflammation, severe fatigue and nausea, and in exceptionally severe cases, can lead to death through organ failure. Your use of cannabis could prevent that from happening.

Another study has postulated that hemp extracts high in CBD may reduce the ability of COVID19 to infect cells by blocking up to 70% of the entry points the viruses uses to infect a cell.

The upshot is that having cannabis widely available and easily accessible is a really good thing. The two resolutions introduced by Brownie Mary Democrats at the July 24 – 26 CaDEM virtual Executive Board meeting intend to continue making it more widely available and more easily accesible.

cannabis_lounge.jpgThe first resolution entitled EXPAND ON-SITE CANNABIS CONSUMPTION LICENSE AVAILABILITY calls on the legislature to create a license that would allow cannabis lounges to operate independently with regulations similar to those that allow the sale and consumption of beer and wine at restaurants and taverns. For those who understand the licensing for alcohol, a licensing system similar to beer and wine for cannabis lounges would be a tremendous step in the right direction in making cannabis far more available then it currently is under the byzantine system currently in operation. To read the resolution CLICK HERE.

Although the cannabis lounge bill is certainly not a priority in this COVID19 legislative environment, we should start shopping it around starting with Assemblymember Bloom who introduced a cannabis lounge bill last year.

biden_foreheadflip.jpgOur resolution chiding presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his lingering reefer madness positions opposing cannabis legalization and reaffirming CaDEM’s support for removing cannabis from the schedule of controlled substances was also passed. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting Biden to change his 20th century cannabis ruminations just because the largest state political party in the country thinks he should, but it feels good to have it passed just the same. To read the Biden resolution, CLICK HERE.

One other item of importance is that it is time to elect BMD’s state officers. Our bylaws state “Nomination and election of officers shall occur at the Organizational Meeting of the General Membership held at the Annual State Convention of the CDP in even numbered years.” Since there was no CaDEM General Membership meeting this year, we will need to hold a special meeting to do that. I am checking with CaDEM how we can do that. As soon as I find out I will let you know. If you would like to become an officer and serve on the Executive Board, this will be your opportunity to complete another item for your bucket list.

Speaking of membership, I would like to thank all of you who are reading this that have joined BMD this year for, well joining. Your official participation as a member helps us continue to make our presence known within the party and heightens our ability to get things done as is seen by the passage of our two resolutions.

join-now.jpgIf you are not a member or still haven’t renewed your membership for 2020 please do it now. Regular memberships are $10 (84¢/mo.) and senior, student, veteran and low-income are $5 (42¢/mo.). The only thing that will make you feel better then becoming a member of Brownie Mary Democrats is consuming cannabis and by becoming a member you do your part to make sure you can continue to consume cannabis without fear of arrest or approbation. To join now CLICK HERE.

Let’s stay in touch. If you ever have any questions, concerns or ruminations about cannabis, let me know – [email protected]


Lanny Swerdlow, RN LNC
Chair & Founder, Brownie Mary Democrats of California; Member, Riverside County Democratic Central Committee; Member, California Democratic Party Executive Board; Member, California Democratic Party State Central Committee; Elected, Riverside County Democratic Party Recording Secretary; Elected, San Gorgonio Memorial Healthcare District Board of Directors, 

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