Cannabis Extravaganza at Long Beach CaDEM Convention


join_us2.jpgBrownie Mary Democrats at State Convention with Exhibit Booth and Awards Banquet

handcuffs.jpgWe are coming upon the end of the second year of adult legalization in California for any purpose. Although there are still a lot of bumps in the road, considering that over a half million arrests were made from 2006 to 2015, there is no comparison to the way it use to be.

long_beach_convnetion_center.jpgAt the 2019 CaDEM Endorsing Convention in Long Beach Nov. 15 - 17, Brownie Mary Democrats are going to be there celebrating the continued withering away of marijuana prohibition with our ever-so-popular exhibit booth and our annual Awards Banquet. Our presence every year at the Convention makes it known to all Democrats and Democratic elected officials of the progress we have made and that we expect to continue making progress as Democrats enforce the will of California voters and establish a commercial market with reasonable, common sense regulations.

booth_overall_resize.jpgIf you are going to the Convention in Long Beach we invite you to stop by our booth in the Exhibit area where, along with the latest information on what is happening with cannabis legalization, you can get a free cannabis leaf necklace as well as enter the drawing to win a deluxe cannabis gift basket.

all_you_can_eat.jpgBest of all we invite you to join us Saturday evening following the Presidential Town Hall at 6:30 p.m. for our annual Awards Banquet. This it at a most fitting venue for a cannabis event - it is the King Buffet restaurant featuring an all-you-can-eat delectable array of Chinese foods, a Mongolian Grill, deserts and beverages. Located at 520 Pine Ave., just 6 blocks from the convention center, it is an easy 10 minute walk or there is also free two hour parking at the parking garage just 1/2 block from the restaurant.

speakers3-page-001.jpgOur featured speakers and guests of honor are State Senator Scott Wiener, author of numerous cannabis bills including SB 34 which eliminated taxes on marijuana distributed for free by compassion clubs, Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer, sponsor of AB 37 which allows cannabis businesses to deduct business expenses on their state taxes and AB 1291 which requires cannabis businesses to negotiate with unions, United Food and Commercial Workers union Executive Director Amber Bauer and Prop. 215 co-author, spokesperson and medical marijuana icon Anna Boyce.

cannabis_basket2.jpegbanquet_flyerrev3-page-001.jpgAnother deluxe cannabis gift basket will be given away to attendees of our awards banquet plus other delightful cannabis swag. Speakers, prizes, unsurpassed camaraderie and the cost is just $25. For more info CLICK HERE and to order your tickets and reserve your place at the table CLICK HERE.

volunteer.jpgIf you have some time and would like to volunteer to help us at the Exhibit Booth, we would welcome your help. Send an email to [email protected] and I will get back to you.

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