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420_day_celebration.jpg420 Day may not be a national holiday but it is probably the only true international holiday celebrated around the world. Even New Year's is celebrated on different days depending on where you live and which culture you partake of, but 420 Day is celebrated everywhere on April 20. Considering that 420 Day hasn't been around for much more then a couple decades or so, the speed of its recognition is phenomenal attesting to the ubiquity, importance and the joy that cannabis brings to all.

smoke_weed_daily.pngWe all know the world  would be much a better, safer and saner place if everyone everywhere would kick back and light up a joint, inhale a vape or nibble on an edible every day at 4:20 p.m. A common thread in all the hot spots of the world is that at least one of,load_bongs_not_gun_(2).jpg if not both of the warring factions, have made the use of cannabis illegal. Would there be such horrors going on if everyone was getting stoned daily - I think not.

In addition to celebrating 420 Day by imbibing with your friends or just by yourself, how about making it a memorable and special celebration by either joining or renewing your membership in the Brownie Mary Democrats of California. What a wonderful way to celebrate 420 Day and make a contribution to insure the continuation of 420 Days into the future.

cadem_conv.pngAs an official organization within the California Democratic Party, BMD is in a key position to meet with Democratic officials on the state and local level to make Prop. 64 work as it is supposed to work and most importantly to get state and local governments to enact reasonable and rational regulations and taxation so as to allow cannabis businesses to provide cannabis at affordable prices as well as allow cannabis social clubs to open. 

join_click-page-001.jpgOur status within the Democratic Party and clout with elected officials is increased exponentially by our members so it is critical for you to renew your membership or become a member for the very first time. If you have family members, friends or casual acquaintances who are Democrats, ask them to join as well. For what we can do to make cannabis safely, reliably, locally and affordably accessible, memberships are a bargain at just $10 and only $5 for seniors, veterans, students and low income. To become a member or for others to join, CLICK HERE.

If you are already a paid member for 2022, thank you for your support. If not, please consider becoming a member now.Your support would be gratefully and sincerely appreciated.

Brownie Mary Democrats

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