Important Post Prop 64 Vote at Democratic Meet - Why BMD needs to be there & needs your help

We would like to invite you to join us and help support BMD-CA at the November 18 - 20 CaDEM Eboard meeting in San Diego at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. Eboard meetings are very important and give us an unprecedented opportunity to network with Democratic activists, party officials and elected Democratic officeholders.

executive_bd_1016_donate_flyer_final-.jpgThe Brownie Mary Democrats have been at the last four CaDEM state conventions with display tables and twice with Hospitality Suites. We have never had a presence at the Executive Board meetings, but having one at the November 18 – 20 meeting in San Diego seem particularly appropriate.


The Party has thrown its full weight, force and prestige into the support of Prop. 64. In a more significant way then it has been publicly given credit for, the California Democratic Party is responsible for a significant part of the extraordinarily high 60% polled voter approval rating that several of the most recent polls tabulated.


Although we are cautiously optimistic of the likelihood voters will approve Prop. 64, there are no guarantees and our lead could vanish in a deluge of bad news and fabricated horror stories – not to mention that our side historically and pathetically under votes.


Win & party or lose & commiserate, the Brownie Mary Democrats should be at the meeting of the CaDEM Executive Board, November 18 -20 in San Diego with an informational table and display. If we win, we can celebrate with CaDEM. If we lose, we will let the Democratic Party know that we intend to continue to press for an end to marijuana prohibition and we want to continue to have the Party’s support.


Meeting at the Executive Board meeting is particularly important because the 300+ members on the Executive Board are the grassroots political activists in the Democratic Party. They are elected and appointed officeholders who set policy for the California Democratic Party on the state level but go back to their communities where they are the people serving on school and water boards and running for city councils and county boards.


In addition to the Executive Board members, CaDEM officials from the party chair on down will be in attendance. Many of the recently elected or re-elected Democratic officeholders will be there to celebrate their election. These include statewide elected officials, state legislators and local city council and county board members.


Win or lose these are the people that will be determining marijuana policy in our communities. Having an official presence CaDEM Executive Board meeting is beneficial to both our short-term and long-range interests.


Costs are significantly less for an informational display at the Executive Board meeting than at the State Convention. Whereas it costs in excess of $8,000 for our display at the Convention, it is estimated that $2,000 is all that is needed for a first-rate display table with appropriate informational and promotional materials to distribute.


As a way of thanking your for your support, a sign will be posted at the Display Table listing all donors plus donors contributing $420 or more can have their business or other promotional materials distributed at the Display table.


Donations may be made either by credit card by CLICKING HERE  or checks made out to BMD-CA and mailed to: BMD-CA, PO Box 739, Palm Springs CA 92263.

If you have any questions or need more info please email me at or call me at 760-799-2055.


Thank you for your help and continued support.


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